World’s first molecular whiskey expands its portfolio

Launched in 2019, the first ever lab-made whiskey ‘Glyph’ has added two new flavours to its range.

Glyph was launched last year by San Francisco-based company Endless West and has added two new spirits to its range; ‘Glyph Spice’ and ‘Glyph Royal’.

Glyph Spice is an American Bourbon-like medium-bodied whiskey with notes of nutmeg, cassia, oak spice, caramel undertone, banana aromas and an earthy, savory finish.

Glyph Royal takes its cue from a Sherry cask Scotch. The full-bodied spirit shows notes of coffee, dried fruit, burnt sugar, almond skin and sherry, and ends with a light twist of citrus.

Glyph’s whiskeys are made ‘note by note’ using flavour and aroma molecules extracted from plants, fruits and yeasts. The company uses analytical chemistry to identify the molecules responsible for the specific flavours, aromas, and characteristics in various spirits, searches them from more sources in nature, then uses these molecules (which are also the flavour notes) as building blocks to create their own original profiles of whiskeys.

Traditionally, barrel ageing for whiskey takes years, however, with this new technology, the team can develop new variations in days. This enables Endless West to refine the quality of its products according to consumer and trade feedback and preferences.

The full range is now available in all major states in the US for US$24.99 each. In Asia, Glyph Original is available at Watson’s Wine Hong Kong for HK$488.

One Response to “World’s first molecular whiskey expands its portfolio”

  1. Keith Barnes says:

    It may look “legal” but it’s not whiskey. Not even close. One taste makes that perfectly clear.

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