Premier League could restrict alcohol consumption when fans return

The Premier League could install a set of rules when football fans return to stadiums next month, including banning singing and drinking alcohol, in a bid to contain coronavirus outbreaks.

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The start of the Premier League’s next season is scheduled to take place on Saturday 12 September 2020, 10 days after England is scheduled to come out of a four-week lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday (23 November) that spectators can return to Premier League and EFL games and other sporting events once the lockdown ends, albeit at reduced capacity. Areas that have been placed under Tier 1 and Tier 2 restrictions will be able to admit attendees at 50% capacity, or up to 4,000 or 2,000 ticket-holders respectively.

But other measures could also be put in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. The Premier League wrote to football clubs on Saturday (22 November) outlining new regulations that could be put in place in order to maintain social distancing as part of a new code of conduct. The document, reports Sportsmail, said new measures “may include singing, shouting and alcohol consumption”.

Fans may be asked to stagger their arrival and exit times, and wear a mask or face covering at stadiums. In addition, football clubs have been told to implement contactless payment and entry for ticket-holders where possible. The individual clubs themselves will be able to tailor the rules according to their own requirements.

Responding to the PM’s announcement on Monday (23 November), The Premier League said it “welcomed” the move to allow punters back to football grounds”Fans have been greatly missed at Premier League matches and therefore we welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement today regarding the return of supporters for the first time since March, albeit at small numbers. Our ambition remains to work with Government to increase attendance to more substantial levels.

“Until this can be done, many fans will be unable to attend games and our clubs will continue to operate matches at a financial loss.

“Our priority continues to be the agreement of a roadmap, with DCMS and the Sports Technology and Innovation Group, for pilot events that can help our clubs quickly scale up to larger capacities in line with the Sports Ground Safety Authority’s COVID-secure guidelines and beyond.

“Premier League clubs have a proven track record of achieving high-biosecurity standards and we believe we can play a significant role in the Government’s rapid turnaround testing initiative.

“We look forward to working with Government on their next steps.”

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