Paris bans takeaway food and alcohol at night

The city of Paris has banned takeaway food and alcohol from being delivered between the hours of 10pm and 6am to try to curb the rising tide of Covid cases.

As reported by France 24, the ban was put in place in the City of Light last Friday due to a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.

In a statement given last Thursday, police officials said the sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks in public spaces from 10pm-6am would also be banned.

Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, said the new restrictions were necessary in order to prevent people from gathering outside takeaway food outlets in the French capital.

“When you get people who are not playing by the rules of the game, and are therefore putting at risk the health of a large number of people, that is when you need to put in place new restrictions,” Hidalgo told France 24.

These new restrictions come on top of the existing national lockdown across France imposed by President Emmanuel Macron last month.

As part of the lockdown measures, non-essential shops have been forced to close and French residents need to provide signed documents if they head outside to show why they have left their homes.

These tighter restrictions were brought into place in Paris last week to try to reduce the number of people congregating in the city’s streets.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in France stands at around 1.79m, with 40,439 people having died from the virus in the country.

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