Nemiroff unveils new design for vodka range

Ukrainian vodka maker Nemiroff has unveiled a new design for its The Originals range of vodkas, which includes a new anti-counterfeit cork.

Nemiroff brought in the new bottles this month for its Nemiroff Original, Nemiroff Delikat and Nemiroff Ukrainian Honey & Pepper expressions.

With the help of a British design agency, the distiller has changed the shape of the bottles. The bottles are now more ergonomic and have a square, rather than rectangular base.

New labels have also been designed with new fonts, colours and graphic design elements to portray the history of the brand “in a modern way”. Bottles are fitted with eco-caps, which do not contain bisphenol A (BPA) or polycarbonate plastics.

Further protection against counterfeiting comes in the form of a Columbus cork. It is said to provide a lasting seal to prevent the transfusion of the liquid. According to Nemiroff, if the the cap is removed, the cork collapses and can’t be returned to its original form. The distiller will continue to laser-etch the date of production on both the glass and the cap to help ward off fakers.

Yuriy Sorochynskiy, CEO of Nemiroff, said: “Having changed from the outside, it is important to stay true to yourself, your principles and life rules. Ambitious and indomitable personalities retain their essence even after external changes, because they have a core, a character. Even after decades of conquering the global market, creating the brand and recognition, Nemiroff The Originals is changing in appearance, but remains true to its quality. New design, but still the same legendary taste”.

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