Amazon Prime to screen The Wine Show series three this month

A year after it was first announced, series three of The Wine Show, which sees actor Dominic West join the team, will be shown on Amazon Prime on 29 October.

The seven-part series of the TWS Creative show sees West join the team of existing presenters including Matthew Goode, Matthew Rhys and James Purefoy.

Series three will also see the return of wine experts Amelia Singer and Joe Fattorini, alongside head brewer at London’s Wild Card Jaega Wise and UK wine consultant Charlotte Wilde.

Also starring in the show in series three is Thai food expert, Kay Plunkett-Hogge, host of the Hip Hop Wine Podcast Jermaine Stone and sommelier Andre Mack.

Based at Quinta do Noval in the Douro Valley, Portugal, the team will cover the harvest and help with the traditional grape-treading.

During the seven episodes, the team will travel around Portugal, including to Lisbon, Alentejo and the Vinho Verde DOC learning about various topics including how to remove cork bark and the Portuguese orgins of one of India’s most famous dishes.

Fattorini travels to Hungary, Thailand, Germany and New York and joins Singer for a focus on sparkling wine and a wine tour of Madeira. He also teams up with Wise at a pop-up Thai restaurant in London to discover whether wine or beer is the best match for the food.

Commenting on his involvement in the series, West said: “I am genuinely fascinated by wine, so was thrilled to spend time with James and Joe in the Douro at Quinta do Noval. I must say though, I was a bit jealous of all their travelling around. Hopefully next time, I’ll get to leave the villa!”

Melanie Jappy, CEO of TWS Creative Media and executive producer, added: “We had held on to the essence of The Wine Show but still kept it fresh for series three, There’s no doubt adding someone of Dominic West’s calibre to the cast is a gift. Portugal has long been a target destination for us, with its rich history, stunning landscapes and under appreciated wines.

“With two series under our belt, I felt confident we could bring a lesser-known wine destination to fans old and new. I am also really pleased to be introducing some new faces who show what truly diverse talent there is in the world of wine; Jermaine Stone and Andre Mack are two of the greatest wine communicators I’ve ever met. I really think this is the best series yet.”

7 Responses to “Amazon Prime to screen The Wine Show series three this month”

  1. Grace B Smith says:

    Is this showing in the US? Not listed on my app.

  2. Roxanne Rogers says:

    When will this be airing in the US? I am a prime member but don’t see it listed yet. Thanks!

  3. May Cargill says:

    Can’t get this in uk

  4. Martin Thomason says:

    When will it be showing in the UK? Not on the app yet

  5. Tony says:

    Hi there
    Please can you tell me when the Wine Show 3 is coming out in the UK and is it on Amazon Prime?
    It says on Google it went live at the end of October…but we still cannot get it?

  6. Julia says:

    This was in the Times tv Review. Can’t get it. When will it be on Prime?

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