Top drinks marketing campaigns and news: May

Coors Light helps consumers escape from Zoom calls

After offering US$1 million worth of free beer to locked-down US drinkers, Molson Coors-owned brand Coors light has provided a way for them to drink at their leisure all week long, regardless of work meetings.

The forward-thinking beer brand has created a platform on its website that allows you to record a 30-second loop of yourself looking interested and engaged, which can then be used as a background for video calls on popular web-based conferencing tools such as Zoom.

Once you start recording, the video will offer prompts like “nod in agreement”, “quick, look interested!” and “smile at a co-worker’s joke”.

You can then upload it to Zoom as a background in your own call, which, in theory, means you can escape for a few minutes.

The platform was set up shortly after Coors Light pledged to give out 500,000 free beers to people all over the United States.

In April, a Pennsylvania woman made headlines when she was photographed by her window while holding a cold one in one hand and a sign reading “I need more beer!” in the other. Coors Light then sent 150 cans of beer to her doorstep.

This sparked Coors’ latest US$1m campaign, called #coulduseabeer, in which Twitter followers were asked to tweet @CoorsLight with the name of a person they’d like to nominate to receive some free beer from the brewer.

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