Top 10 books about wine, beer, and spirits to read in lockdown

How to Drink Without Drinking, Fiona Beckett

If you’ve found yourself drinking more than you used to before lockdown, you aren’t alone. Around 17% of Brits say they’ve increased their alcohol intake, according to a recent YouGov poll.

But if you’re find yourself reaching for the bottle more than you’d like, or you are part of the quarter of Brits actually want to cut back on their alcohol intake while bars and restaurants are closed, help is at hand.

Fiona Beckett’s book, How to Drink Without Drinking, is a no-nonsense, practical guide to cutting back, with recipes for grown-up serves that will help you recreate the sense of occasion that comes with a good glass of wine or a cocktail. They run the gamut of trendy drinks to satisfy all cravings, from homemade kombucha to reach fro when you want something dry and complex, to punkin spice latte’s to soothe those cravings for a drink to wind down the evening with.

How to Drink Without Drinking is available from Waterstones, WHSmith, and Amazon.

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