Dark Horse unveils new packaging

E&J Gallo has announced it will roll out new packaging for its wine brand Dark Horse in the UK.

The new labels, which will be phased in between April and September, lead with the brand’s iconic horse head logo, but now each varietal has its own designated colour to “enable greater stand out on shelf and drive differentiation across the range.”

They will land in the UK this year after already debuting in the US.

Olga Senkina, Marketing Director EMEA, E&J Gallo Winery, said consumers’ response to the packaging has been “overwhelmingly positive” with drinkers showing a “much stronger preference” for the new labels.

“The distinctive designs make Dark Horse easier to find in store and the strong colours enhance the brand’s stand-out on shelf, setting it apart from its competitors. Research has also revealed that consumers perceive the wine to be better-tasting as a result of the new look,” she said.

A recent Nielsen Packaging Study which featured Dark Horse wines conducted in the US showed that consumers were 20% more likely to buy  Dark Horse wine in its new packaging compared to the existing labels.


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