The 10 largest craft breweries in the US 2020

3. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

Location(s): Chico, CA

Founded: 1979

Like many of the breweries on this list, Sierra Nevada started as a homebrew project from founder Ken Grossman, who learned to home brew from the father of a close friend in the 1970s.

In 1976, he opened a home brew supply store in California named The Home Brew Shop, before founding the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in 1980.

As well as holding the title of America’s 3rd largest craft brewery, Sierra Nevada could arguably be credited with shaping the Scottish craft beer giant Brewdog. Brewdog’s co-founder James Watt has said that tasting Sierra Nevada’s flagship pale ale started his “awakening” to the craft beer scene in 2011. Today, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, with a brewery and hotel in the US, and construction of a brewery in Australia under way.


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  1. notsaying says:

    Could somebody tell me what Gambrinus and Duvel are doing here? Aren’t they Czech and Belgian? Also isn’t Canarchy a group of brewers, not a single brewery? And I’m still a little confused as to whether or not Yuengling should be considered craft.

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