Sponsored: Spiritrade trading platform remains ‘open and strong’

As the world is battling with the unforeseen challenges of Covid-19, our thoughts are with the people around the world who are affected, writes Spiritrade CEO, Jimmy Metta.

Jimmy Metta, CEO of drinks trading platform Spiritrade

I want to reassure members of the trade that in this time of uncertainty our marketplace remains open and strong.

We fully appreciate the challenges and disruptions around shipments and we will remain flexible and understanding until this grave situation subsides.

Whilst we cannot control the new implications of the industry, we are working hard to ensure all our members receive the same high level of service.

Although the world is faced with many difficulties, there are still opportunities to be seized.

Whilst many of us are forced to work from home for the unforeseeable future, Spiritrade offers members the ability to trade at any time from any place.

You are still able to shift stock to new markets and even purchase at more competitive prices than usual, regardless of current limitations and restrictions.

Spiritrade’s technology has been continuously developed over the past two years.

Having launched last year, we have been able to gather our member’s feedback and opinions. We continue to utilise this time wisely to further improve our platform and update our features.

Our advanced trading technology is aimed at improving members’ experience, enhanced trading opportunities and thereby increasing revenue streams for both buyers and sellers.

My dedicated team and I are available and on hand to assist with all enquiries. We welcome new members to join our platform and continue prospering during these difficult times. For more information on Spiritrade, click here.

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