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Free online wine tastings with East London Wine School

On the other side of the capital, Samantha Alder runs the East London Wine School. In normal times, Alder’s school runs WSET classes from Levels 1 to 3, as well as a run of paid consumer-friendly tastings and workshops throughout the year.

Alder said she will host free wine tastings with quizzes at the end of each on Saturday nights on a Zoom account, and is encouraging her audience to invite their friends and family.

Each session will go live at 6pm GMT each Saturday, and will include a tasting of two wines that should be reasonably easy to find in a local supermarket or off-license. This weekend (11 April), Alder will talk attendees through the merits of Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon. A week later, it will be Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot.

Alder also said the wines you drink at home “don’t need to be the same as ours, we’ll choose the wines you can get from the supermarket or local shops and we won’t be going crazy on the prices.”

After the tasting, there is a quiz which contains a good mix of wine-focused questions, “some geeky, some about films that might feature wine, a picture round, lots of fun.”

Many schools have taken their courses online, but rather than charging people for her team’s expertise, Alder told db she’s decided to provide simpler classes for free.

“I’d rather try to keep people engaged, give them a bit of fun, some learning, a distraction from staying home alone,” she said, arguing that in the long run “people’s wellbeing” is her priority.

“If people want us to do more fine wine tastings online we can do, but to kick off we’re going for fun.”

The details

When: Saturdays, 6pm GMT

Price: free

Link: here

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