How critics and educators are working during coronavirus lockdown

The UK’s coronavirus lockdown measures have drastically changed the way critics, educators and authors work.

Strictly speaking, virtual tastings aren’t a new phenomenon. Last year, Scotch distillery group John Dewar & Sons hoped to attract a new audience of young consumers by hosting a live whisky tasting on Amazon with malt master Stephanie McLeod and FT drinks writer Alice Lascelles.

But what was once a quirky new venture has now become something of a lifeline for those who make their money by writing and talking about wine, beer and spirits.

As bars and restaurants are closed and people are told to stay at home, educators and critics have been forced to think on their feet to stay connected with their students and keep doing what they love.

We’ve spoken to educators and experts across the wine, beer and spirits industries to find out what they’re doing to stay in touch with their respective communities and keep busy while the UK is in a coronavirus lockdown….

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