93-year-old Pennsylvania woman sent 150 beers by Molson Coors

A 93-year-old woman self isolating in Pennsylvania was sent 150 cans of Coors Light after holding up a sign in her window saying she’d ran out of beer.

As reported by USA Today, nonagenarian Olive Veronesi was photographed holding a can of Coors Light next to a sign on a white board that read: “I need more beer!”

Having got wind of the message, beer giant Molson Coors sent 150 cans of Coors Light to Veronesi’s Pennsylvania home on Monday.

“When we saw Olive’s message, we knew we had to jump at the chance to not only connect with someone who brought a smile to our faces during this pandemic, but also gave us a special opportunity to say thanks for being a Coors Light fan,” a Molson Coors spokesman told USA Today.

“Even in the pre-Covid era, we would have been thrilled to fulfill Olive’s request. But in this moment, during these unusual times, bringing a little bit of joy to someone’s day is the least we can do,” they added.

After receiving the package, Veronesi changed her sign to: “Got more beer!” Her plea for beer was shared over 50,000 times on Facebook and received over 3,000 comments.

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