12 of the best wine podcasts

Wine for normal people

Who’s the host: Elizabeth Schneider
Top featured guests: Monty Waldin, Gaia Gaja, Greg Lambrecht (founder of Coravin)
Best for: Er… normal people?
Website: winefornormalpeople.com

Hosted by writer Elizabeth Schneider, Wine for Normal People was launched with the aim of creating a podcast “for people who like wine, but not the attitude that goes with it”. “I translate wine into normal terms that you can relate to through the podcast, blog, awesome online classes, and acclaimed corporate wine events”, she writes about her acclaimed podcast, which has since been turned into a book.

It gives two fingers to the snobbery that can surround wine, while remaining intelligent and insightful. “We talk about wine in a fun, straightforward, normal way to get you excited about it and help you drink better, more interesting stuff.” Cheers to that.

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