10 of the world’s lowest calorie beers 2020

Beer often gets a bad rep for being fattening, despite the fact that it is actually comparable in calories to other alcoholic beverages. But enjoying a brew doesn’t mean having to be cautious of calories. There are plenty of beers out there aimed at those watching their waistline, and they aren’t necessarily non alcoholic or with a very low abv.

It’s true that in general the lower the abv, the fewer the potential calories. But it doesn’t mean you only have to choose low and no-abv serves to retain your virtue. In fact, there’s never been a better time to dive into the lower calorie/light beer market.

With consumers more health conscious than ever, manufacturers are working to become more transparent than ever when it comes to the nutritional value of their products. In September last year members of industry body Brewers of Europe pledged to add an ingredients list and calorie count on all beer bottles and cans by 2022. Tennent’s became the first alcoholic product in the UK and Ireland to display calorie info on its packaging in 2016.

Pernod Ricard committed to providing a web link to nutritional information on the labels of all of its strategic brands in 2017, following a report by the EU Commission inviting the trade to devise its own calorie labelling strategy. Diageo and AB InBev have made similar pledges, providing nutritional information on a voluntary basis through a combination of online information and on-pack labelling.

For the purposes of this round-up we have included only beers of 3% abv and higher. The tendency, however, is for most low calorie brews to be lagers, which typically have a lower ABV. But that would make for a very dull selection indeed. So in this list we have also included other styles representative of their category as some of the lowest calorie brews on the market.

NB: All nutritional information is as comparable as possible, based on the information provided by each brewer. A 12oz standard US can equates to 354ml, which is comparable to a 330ml bottle, a more common measure in the UK.

Click through to find out the calorific content of some of the world’s least fattening brews…

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