Who’s exhibiting at the Wine & Spirits Show 2020?

We bring you a sneak peak of what to expect at our Wine & Spirits Show taking place this April.

After a two sell-out shows in 2019 and 2018, attended by over 1500 people, our Wine & Spirits Show will be back at One Whitehall Place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 April 2020.

Some pretty big names in the world of wine are due to rock up at One Whitehall Place next month. We’ve profiled a small selection of who to expect, and what they’re bringing to our two-day drinks extravaganza.


West London Wine School

The West London Wine School is, in our humble opinion, one of the best learning institutions in the capital dedicated to drinks. Headmaster & Wine School Founder Jimmy Smith was awarded the Wine Scholar Guild’s Italian Wine Educator of 2018 and was named The Drinks Business Man of the Year in 2019.

Having delivered a packed-out masterclass on the virtues of Nebbiolo at our Wine Show Chelsea last October, Smith and Co are joining forces with us once again to show you everything the West London Wine School has to offer. Smith told us last year his team are developing “new exciting Saké qualifications through WSET and the Saké Sommelier Association, plus committing more course dates for our BPET (Beer Professional Education & Training) sessions that assist students in achieving their Cicerone accredited qualifications.

“We feel that these are both emerging educational topics in the UK and we hope to be pioneers at offering a comprehensive schedule of events in 2020.”

Oakley Wine Agencies

Oakley Wine Agencies was founded in 1990 by Nick Oakley, who still runs the company and it remains a predominantly family run business with wife and daughter involved in the day to day running.

The team have built the wine import agency through a love for Portuguese and Spanish wines stemming from numerous visits to Portugal to see relatives. In fact, Oakley is responsible for more Portuguese wine imports into the UK than any other company.

The importer will be showcasing wines from across Portugal and Spain at the event, spanning the length and breadth of Iberia. The team are particularly excited to offer samples of an Albanta Albariño, which has become “a classic icon for Aldi supermarkets”.

Oakley’s appearance at our Wine & Spirits Show, or indeed any wine show, is quite rare. “This is the only consumer event we are participating in,” according to business development manager Charlotte Wallace, “and the only chance the public will get to sample them.”

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