The drinks companies supporting the hospitality industry during Covid-19

Heitz Cellar

Heitz Cellar, based in St Helena in the Napa Valley, is doing its bit to support the hospitality industry in the region after wineries, tasting rooms and eateries have been forced to close due to Covid-19.

The winery has committed to paying its staff’s salaries in full indefinitely, and it is also providing relief to the community by donating US$10,000 of beef to local charity partners.

Heitz Cellar president and CEO Carlton McCoy MS said: “There are many families in northern California who are not in the financial position to weather this tremendous storm. Supporting our employees during this difficult time wasn’t a question, and we felt it was our duty to continue being a leader in Napa Valley and to be an example of how our community takes care of its members.”

“In these perilous times, we feel extremely fortunate to prove to our community that Heitz Cellar does not exist simply to produce and sell great wine, but to continue to offer what we believe defines genuine hospitality: selflessness, generosity and humanity.”

Heitz is working with charities Abode Service Napa, The Table Napa and The Salvation Army to donate 500 pounds of beef from Angus cattle from its biodynamic farm to families in need. The beef is usually sold to local restaurants.

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