10 breweries and distilleries around the world making hand sanitiser

It is a strange time when some of our most read stories of the month have been about hand sanitiser.

With coronavirus infecting close to 1 million people worldwide to date, health authorities have suggested using hand sanitiser as one of the easiest ways to prevent the disease from spreading.

This has lead to panic buying the anti-bacterial gel and, now, supermarkets and chemists are starting to run low on hand sanitiser.

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides a recipe for making hand sanitiser at home, but its guidelines recommend using a white spirit that contains a minimum of 60% ABV for it to be effective. Given that most spirits in the UK and Europe are sold at around 40% ABV, this kind of potency is hard to find for everyday shoppers.

As a result, dozens of spirits manufacturers have answered the call and started to make hand sanitisers or high-strength spirits of their own. Some are selling these to local supermarkets, some are asking for donations from their local communities to support charitable initiatives, and some are giving them away to those most in need.

We’ve taken a look at some of the companies making space in their still houses for anti-bacterial gel, from luxury goods giants like LVMH, to state-run alcohol distributors, and microdistilleries around the world.

Click through to see which companies have taken up the call so far.

Are you a small producer making your own hand sanitiser, or helping your local community? Get in touch at editorial@thedrinksbusiness.com and tell us what you’re up to.

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