Former United Spirits boss hides out in London mansion while awaiting extradition verdict

A ray of light for Vijay Mallya, the fugitive former head of United Spirits and United Breweries, who is awaiting the Court of Appeal’s verdict on whether he should extradited to India to face charges of fraud and money laundering involving £1.15 billion.

At least he will be able to live in his Regent’s Park mansion in a fashionable part of London until the verdict is delivered.

On Friday a separate court in London gave Rose Capital Ventures, a Mallya family trust, permission to refinance its £20m mortgage on the property and thereby repay a loan secured on it granted Union Bank of Switzerland.

UBS obtained a judgement last spring which gave Rose Capital until April 30 to repay the loan or Mallya and his family would face eviction. The 12 bedroom mansion is occupied by Mallya, his partner Pinky, his son Sidharth and his mother.

Mallya also occupies a country estate at Tewin in Hertfordshire.

The ruling on his appeal against extradition is expected soon but may be delayed because of the Corona Virus reducing court activity.

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