Best wine-related exercises and crafts to get through lockdown

With around 20% of the global population in lockdown, now is the time to round-up the best exercises and crafts you can do at home with a wine bottle.

With families forced into close quarters, the hospitality industry shut down and leisure facilities closed, cabin fever is well and truly setting in for many around the world.

In the UK this week, rules came into force restricting movement and giving the police powers to fine those who do not observe the two-metre rule.

Schools have been closed, home schooling is the norm, and the prospect of a fresh pint on draught seems a distant memory.

Light relief came with the addition of off-licences to the list of ‘essential shops’ that can remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, for those wishing social distancing also applied in the family home, here’s how a wine bottle can save you from going stir crazy.

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