Spain 2019 harvest report region by region

Rías Baixas– grapes crushed in 2019: 32.4 million kg

The early part of the growing season saw some adversities in Rías Baixas. Budbreak was rapid and uneven and much lower temperatures in March and April slowed vine development. Wind also damaged some early buds and there were isolated cases of hail in the Condado Tea, O Rosal and O Salnés subzones at the end of April. Challenging weather continued during the flowering period with the end result being small, loose bunches boding well for quality but not so well for volume.

The harvest got underway on August 28and lasted until mid-October with fine weather allowing growers to pick plots gradually as they reached optimum maturity. According to technical director Agustín Lago, yields were 7,997 kg/ha, just under the 10-year average.

In line with the general outcome for the region Pazo de Señoráns will make a bit less wine according to Marisol Bueno. She described acidity levels as being a bit higher than usual and very healthy grapes. At the early stages of vinification she was optimistic about wine quality for 2019: “The wine on the lees smells fantastic,” she said.

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