Fine wine labels to watch in 2020

Arnoux Lachaux

2019 spot: 77
2018 spot: 210

There are more prestigious estates in the Côte d’Or; Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Armand Rousseau, Domaine Leroy and Comte de Vogüé for example but they’ve already hit the big time so they’re not at all ‘labels to watch’.

Burgundy is evolving in the secondary market at present. Those names mentioned above are totemic labels, the jewels of myriad collections worldwide and vastly expensive, going for many thousands per bottle.

After years of astounding growth, however, the Burgundy market is slowing. Prices are so high and quantities so limited that the very peak of the market is getting a little flaky. Buyers are also tumbling down into ‘Wave 2’ and even ‘Wave 3’ Burgundy labels, which are more affordable and also producing fantastic wines.

There are many estates that could easily have slotted into this slot but one we like is Arnoux Lachaux in Vosne-Romanée. Located in perhaps the pre-eminent address in the Côte de Nuits (and possibly Côte d’Or) and overseen by the young and very talented Charles Lachaux this is an estate that can go places.

It had a big jump in the Power rankings from last year to this year, largely thanks to good price performance. These are exciting wines from an established domain at what is near-enough pocket money in Burgundy terms. Won’t be for long.

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