Jameson makes caskmates labels easier for drinkers to understand

Pernod Ricard-owned whiskey brand Jameson has reworked the labels on its beer barrel-aged “caskmates” series to make the product easier for consumers to read.

Jameson launched the caskmates series in 2015, but has now given the range’s branding a makeover.

The company said it was responding to consumer research in key markets, including US, UK, South Africa and Ireland, which “highlighted a desire for a simplified product proposition.”

The main label will now feature a “stronger focus on the varietal edition” and a clearer descriptor of ‘Whiskey Finished in Craft Beer Barrels’ to “celebrate the liquid within” and differentiate the editions from Jameson’s other ranges.

Almost 1 million 9L cases have been sold since the range was launched in 2015.

The new look Jameson Stout Edition and Jameson IPA Edition, both bottled at 40% ABV, will be shipped to the US from January 2020 and the rest of the world from March 2020.

“David Quinn, head of whiskey science at Jameson’s Midleton Distillery, said the series is: “a creative experiment that tapped into the growing appetite for Irish whiskey and love of craft beer.”

“While the Caskmates Series has introduced new consumers to Jameson and excited existing Jameson fans, our research showed a need to simplify the product proposition.”

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