7 consumer drinks trends to watch in 2020

1. BYO….Packaging

Aluminium formats are just one way to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. Earlier this year Waitrose launched an experiment at its Botley Road shop in Oxford, including a dedicated refillable zone, a frozen ‘pick and mix’ and a borrow-a-box scheme.

The test, which the grocer called Waitrose Unpacked, ran for 11 weeks until 18 August. As well as asking customers to bring their own food containers, four different wines and four different beers were available on tap to take home in reusable bottles, to cut down on the use of glass bottles.

It seems the trial went well in some areas. The report found that 9% of consumers now take their own receptacles to the supermarket for loose produce or deli items. Waitrose also said that 10 weeks’ worth of beer sold out in four days, and the trial is being extended to three more stores.

Tor Harris, head of corporate social responsibility, said that Waitrose’s research showed consumers said it “feels good to be cutting down on unnecessary packaging, not just because it’s satisfying to get organised, but also because it’s better for the environment, too.”

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