7 consumer drinks trends to watch in 2020

2. Cans over bottles

This year, London-based wine merchant Jascots launched what it claims is the first English still wine in a can, after partnering with Three Choirs Winery.

Canned wines are on the rise in the UK and US. Sainsbury’s, for example, added two new French wines in cans to its line-up in February. Last year, Waitrose launched an organic rosé and Shiraz in cans after seeing sales of single bottles rise 10%, and this year added popular Provence rosé Mirabeau to its line-up of tinnies.

The Co-op has also looked at alternative, environmentally friendly packaging with its listing of the Most Wanted pouch in 2017. The brand is also available in cans.

Waitrose’s 2019 report found that sales of canned lagers now outstrip bottled versions, which means the tinny is back in fashion.

Aluminium is proving popular, the report said, as it is “easily recyclable and cans already contain a high proportion of recycled content.”

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