Top drinks industry marketing campaigns and news: September-October

Licor 43 launches €6 million ad campaign

Spanish drinks giant Zamora has spent €6 million on a new advertising campaign for its liqueur brand Licor 43.

Called ‘Tastes Better Together’, the billboard, digital, and TV ad campaign is designed to “emphasise the 70-year-old secret family recipe of 43 natural ingredients that are expertly blended to create Licor 43.”

The ads will also feature the brand’s recent range extensions Licor 43 Baristo and Licor 43 Orochata, both fusions of Licor 43 Original with coffee and tiger nut milk respectively.

Zamora Company, which also owns Martin Miller’s Gin and Rioja producer Ramón Bilbao, has invested €6 million (£5.43 million) in the campaign, which will run in print and digital media across its key markets including Spain and Mexico, and Germany and the Netherlands, where TV adverts will also be screened.

The group said it hopes the campaign will “bolster the brand’s position as the fastest growing premium liqueur in the world.”

“Millennial foodies account for 2.3 billion people worldwide and will be 75% of the global workforce in 2025,” Julian Fernandez, global marketing director of spirits at Zamora, said.

Fernandez said milennial consumers are attracted to branding that highlights the provenance behind and ingredients in a product, “so it’s important we position ourselves as the product we are: an on-trend liqueur with a long, strong heritage that has always, and will always, be a fusion of natural ingredients.”

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