Top drinks industry marketing campaigns and news: September-October

Cava regulator plots to premiumise Spanish fizz

The governing body of Spain’s Cava producers has launched a campaign to improve the reputation of the much-maligned Spanish fizz.

“Our main challenge is to get Cava into the spotlight as a versatile and quality sparkling wine. Not just bubbles,” Javier Pagés (pictured), president of Consejo Regulador Cava, said at the launch of the campaign last month.

The promotion, which forms part of the Consejo Regulador’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2020, will focus clearer segmentation for both quality and regional origin for Cava, stricter quality control measures for producers, and will launch an extensive marketing campaign in five countries.

The Consejo Regulador will also aim to educate professionals in the wine industry about Cava’s terroirs, native grape varieties, traditional winemaking process, how it is aged and where it is produced. Pagés added: “We are a very young DO, only just 30, and in the past few years we have started to integrate the different realities and territories that make up the DO.

“Now it is the time to focus on the intrinsic aspects that make our product so special, and present them to our consumers and critics in an understandable way that allows them to choose between the different categories of Cava, thus expanding the vision about Cava with a clear premium proposal.”

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