5 cocktail trends to watch in 2020

Carbonated everything

Fizz is everywhere right now, whether its the booming sales of Prosecco and sparkling wine, or the rapid expansion of the premium mixer sector. This year’s London Cocktail Week even saw a masterclass dedicated to the history of carbonated water. Last year, one of the most sought-after serves became the Aperol Spritz; orange Aperol liqueur made by Campari, mixed with Prosecco and soda. Aperol sales were up nearly 25%, according to Campari.

The report states that bubbles are “no longer solely reserved for champagne and sparkling wines.”

“Bars are constantly looking to create a point of difference so the ability to carbonate their own sodas in-house offers both flexibility and creativity, simply by adding one interesting step to the process.”

Singapore bar Operation Dagger, which was voted 24th this year by The World’s 50 Best Bars, boasts a full menu of home-made sparkling cocktails, all of which are carbonated in-house.

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