Top drinks marketing campaigns and news stories: August

Californian winery launches smart wine bottles

Californian wine label Böen has started applying closures to its wine bottles that use Near Field Communication technology to protect against counterfeiting and enable consumers to learn more about the brand. The caps, which are created by Italian packaging giant Guala Closures in a partnership with London-based tech company Sharpend, use Near Field Communication.

It allows wine drinkers to scan bottles with their smartphones to check their authenticity. The technology shows whether the bottle has been opened, to detect any possible product tampering, and also allows consumers to get to know the wine brand better. Drinkers will have “instant access to unparalleled information about the wine they are purchasing simply by tapping the bottle’s cap with their smartphone and taking them to the vineyards where the wines are made,” according to the wine brand.

And Joseph Wagner, winemaker and the founder of California’s Copper Cane, said his brand is “innovating with how we grow grapes and how we connect with our consumers.” Cameron Worth, CEO and founder of Sharpend, said there is a rising demand for connected packaging, as it helps brands to learn more about their consumers and emerging trends. Worth said a rollout of this scale “has been a long time coming”.

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