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Waitrose expands its at-home spirits tasting offer

UK retailer Waitrose has expanded its home-tasting experience following the success of ‘Gin O’Clock’, with the roll out of a new two-hour whisky tasting.

The new guided whisky masterclass – which will set you back £400 for a party of 6-10 people – was “a far cry from the dated whisky and chaser’, with “guests” shown how to make simple cocktails, and enjoy food pairings, such as dark salted caramel chocolate and cheese, along with a talk-through of whisky’s history and tips on how to prepare it.

The five whiskies, which will be delivered to the customers’ home by a Waitrose whisky specialist, comprises Makers Mark, The Chita, Highland Park 12, Jim Beam Double Oak and Laphroaig, along with a complimentary highball glass and a rock glass.

It has been added to the standalone Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home website,where customers can book a tasting at a cost of around £40 per person, based on a party of ten.

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