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IWA gets tough on ‘misleadling’ Irish whiskey labels

The IWA has filed a number of complaints with the food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), over what it has called “misleading labelling and marketing” on Irish whiskey products, adding that it could threaten the category’s reputation overseas.

“There is no place in our industry for misleading labelling and marketing, particularly where it refers to a non-existent distillery,” a statement from the IWA said.

Earlier this year, the IWA and FSAI produced a new set of guidelines for Irish whiskey labelling and marketing. The regulations state that distilleries involved in the production of Irish whiskey must be verified by Revenue.

The IWA, which represents 40 companies in Ireland, confirmed it had submitted a complaint against St Patrick’s Distillery in County Cork.

St Patrick’s Distillery buys in new-make whiskey – the colourless liquid that is taken from the spirit still after distillation – before maturing the spirit for three years in oak casks in a bonded warehouse, a spokesperson for the producer told db.

They told the drinks business the company has “always been honest” about its production process.

“We hold an international trademark for St Patrick’s distillery and when we sell the whiskey we do so under our legal corporate trademark,” they said.

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