The week in pictures

db got to make the most of the English summer this week during a trip to Exton Park estate in the rolling Hampshire hills. During our visit to the 60-acre estate, we were given a grand tour by ebullient vineyard manager Fred Langdale, who told the story of the first Chardonnay vines being planted at Exton Park in 2003. The grape now accounts for around 45% of the plantings, the an additional 45% made up of Pinot and Meunier making up the remaining 10%.

During our tour we were shown the estate’s shiny new fermentation tanks by French winemaker Corinne Seely, who believes passionately in the potential of English sparkling wine. Rather than focusing on vintage offerings, Seely is championing non-vintage cuvĂ©es at Exton Park and believes the estate’s signature style is mineral and precise. She avoids malolactic fermentation in order to let the estate’s chalk terroir do the talking.

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