Opportunist alligator raids Florida home’s wine cabinet

An opportunist alligator with a thirst for red broke into a Florida home last Friday, headed straight for the kitchen and raided the wine cabinet.

As reported by Fox News, the incident happened in the early hours of Friday morning when Mary Wischhusen heard a large crash downstairs.

Gator aid: After breaking in to the Florida home, the gutsy gator headed straight for the wine cabinet. Photo credit: Clearwater Police Department

At around 3:30am she ventured downstairs to investigate the cause of the racket and discovered a ginormous alligator raiding her wine cabinet.

Terrified, she left the gator to the wine, ran upstairs to her bedroom and called the police.

“I heard this monstrous crash, like the roof was falling in on the side of my house. I headed for the kitchen and as I got to the door of the kitchen, I had this beautiful face staring at me as though he belonged there.

“This 10-foot gator was having a marvelous time sitting in my kitchen. He got my red wine – the good stuff,” Wischhusen told Fox 13 Tampa.

The gutsy gator allegedly broke into the home by smashing its way through a ground floor window.

While in the kitchen he tried to snap up several bottles of fine wine, raiding the wine cabinet and smashing several bottles in the process.

It took ten police officers and two wildlife trappers two hours to capture the rambunctious reptile and remove it from the property.

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the incident and the alligator only suffered a few minor cuts and scratches during the tussle.

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2 Responses to “Opportunist alligator raids Florida home’s wine cabinet”

  1. Martin Campion says:

    It’s not every day you read the words “rambunctious reptile” in a DB email. Perhaps it was looking for the crock bottles?

  2. Peter J Kerez says:

    he heard about awesome Orvino wines,thought he would get their early for the wine tasting……

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