Top 17 richest Brits in drinks

9. Vivian Imerman

Position 2019: 339

Position 2018: 329

Worth: £390m

Rise/fall: No change

Sources: Food, Spirits

South Africa-born Imerman is the former owner of Whyte & Mackay, the Scottish spirits business famous for the Scotch brand of the same name.

Along with his former brother-in-law Robert Tchenguiz, he sold the business to Diageo subsidiary United Spirits in 2007 for £595 million, for which he received £396 million thanks to his 60% stake in the company.

He was also responsible for the turnaround of tinned fruit giant Del Monte, serving as chief executive from 1989 to 2001, and making £380m from his stake in the company.

Imerman runs London investment group Vasari, which has interests in Ethiopian brewer Dashen and South African wine and spirits producer KWV.

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