Top 17 richest Brits in drinks

4. Alejandro Santo Domingo and Lady Charlotte Wellesley

Position 2019: 55

Position 2018: 40

Worth: £2.835 billion

Rise/fall: –£424m

Sources: Inheritance, brewing, investment

The Colombian-American billionaire Alejandro Santo Domingo married British blue-blood Lady Charlotte Wellesley in May 2017.

Santo Domingo is the Harvard-educated scion of the Bavaria brewery in Colombia, sold by his father Julio Mario (who died in 2011) in 2005 for a 15% stake in SABMiller. The stake is the largest in a diverse portfolio of companies that make up the privately held Santo Domingo Group.

Alejandro helped broker SABMiller’s 2016 merger with AB InBev, a deal that left him with a 1.7% holding now worth £1.63bn in the new owner, which has seen its share price slide.

Last year he bought a 20% stake in celebrated Bordeaux winery Château Pétrus.

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