The Donovan Bar launches swinging sixties-inspired cocktail menu

Located in Mayfair, The Donovan Bar will offer a new cocktail menu created by renowned bartender Salvatore Calabrese and inspired by the swinging sixties cultural revolution in London.

The new cocktail menu, entitled Our Generation, will pay homage to Terence Donovan, the namesake of the bar at Mayfair-based Brown’s Hotel, and the icons he immortalised in film such as Twiggy, David Bowie and Sophia Loren.

The bar’s interior celebrates some of the most glamorous faces of fashion, music and the art scene, as photographed by Donovan.

Devised by Salvatore Calabrese, Our Generation will evoke the 1960s and early 1970s and commemorate the spirit of the era.

Calabrese said: “My bartending career began in the 1960s, while London photographer Terence Donovan’s career also blossomed. Inspired by Donovan’s work and the famous faces he photographed along the way, Our Generation celebrates my own memories and this special time in London’s history.”

The menu will be divided into the four themes of Portrait, Fashion, Music and Screen of the 1960s and 1970s, with each theme including a choice of five cocktails.

Cocktails are set to include The Twiggy which reflects the model and muse with a fun purple concoction made by shaking Grey Goose Vanilla Vodka, passion fruit syrup, egg white, lemon juice and butterfly pea tea, topped up with champagne; Starman inspired by music legend David Bowie created with kikuna leaves and 12 year old Dalmore Whisky; and Madam Loren, a rosy-hued cocktail, made with a dash of tomato liqueur and adorned with fried basil.

Our Generation launches at The Donovan Bar on 20 May.

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