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Coyote Ugly

The owner of Coyote Ugly, a chain of bars made famous by the 2000 film of the same name, joined her bikini-clad staff in posing for a calendar to mark the brand’s 25th anniversary.

Lil Lovell, 51, founded the Coyote Ugly bars in 1993 with a saloon bar in New York City known for its western theme and scantily clad waitresses who would periodically perform dance routines on the bar. The chain operates a strict “no “frou frou” shaken or stirred drinks, with any serve that requires a blender or more than two ingredients to make barred.

The concept has since expended to 21 locations worldwide in seven different countries including the US, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. Its first UK venue opened in 2016 in Cardiff. 

The bar has long sold a calendar featuring the Coyote Ugly bartenders, typically aged in early to mid 20s, but this is the first time that its founder, Liliana Lovell, has joined them. Posing in a red string bikini, the 51-year-old entrepreneur is accompanied by the tagline, “Cheers to 25 years fueled by diet, exercise, and Bourbon”.

Of the calendar, Lil said: “50 is the new 30! I spent so many years thinking of diet and exercise as a means to simply ‘look good’. At 50, I looked at myself in the mirror and truly thanked my body for carrying me through life. This little 5’1′ vessel has carried me over millions of miles, held and then nursed my son for years, sheltered me from any severe sickness, and after all that, I kind of have a 6 pack. Damn it, I need to be in the calendar!”

The 2019 Official Coyote Ugly Bikini calendar features 15 Coyote Ugly Bartenders with CEO Lovell adorning the back cover.

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