This is how much money you can save by driving to France for wine and beer

A temporary insurance provider has created a digital calculator that can help party-planners and Brexit stockpilers save money on wine and beer by driving to France.

Calais has long been a port of call for Brits wanting to stock up on cut-price alcohol.

Wine and beer drinkers could save hundreds of pounds on beer if they travel to Calais and stock up there, according to a new ‘booze cruise calculator’ developed by Tempcover.

The tool takes into account the cost of petrol (depending on the type of car you’re driving), ferry crossing fares and insurance costs, weighing them up against bulk-purchases of booze. The average bottle of wine is priced at £2.50, according to the site, while a can of lager comes in at 70p.

Traveling from London to Calais in a hatchback would cost around £90 without drinks purchases. To break even, you would need to buy 30 bottles of wine, or 149 cans of beer. Buying 120 bottles, however, could save you over £290.

Those driving from Liverpool, meanwhile, would need to buy 44 bottles of wine to compensate for the extra mileage. A normal family hatchback can carry 30 cases of 6 bottles (so 180 bottles, or 210kg) of wine, according to Calais Wine Superstore.

You can use the calculator yourself here:

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  1. John Lamond says:

    …and there are no Scottish cities listed

  2. MiserableGit says:

    Completely unusable on an iPhone in 2020! Please fix!

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