China’s top 10 wine importing countries in 2018

No. 2 Australia 

Import volume for imported wines: 119.3 million litres (+11.83%)

Import value for imported wines: US$723.25 million (+5.41%)

Australia’s position in China was further enhanced in 2018 as its momentum continues during an otherwise adverse economic environment. China remains its most lucrative export market, and figures from Wine Australia prove it.

During 2018, Australian imports to China grew by 5.41% in value year-on-year to US$723.25 million, and its import volume increased by a further 11.83% to 119.3 million litres. Starting from January this year, China has completely eradicated all import tariffs on Australian products, further clearing hurdles for its growth, though blistering pace like before is unlikely.

Managing expectations, as David Lucas, regional manager for Greater China at Wine Australia, told dbHK in an interview, is one of the biggest challenges for Australian producers.

“Managing expectation is probably one of the biggest challenges I see – all countries are focused on China and therefore competition will continue to be intense. We will stick to our core strengths and continue our aggressive activity programmes thanks to the Australian Government’s A$50m package,” he explained. 

One Response to “China’s top 10 wine importing countries in 2018”

  1. Brian Raue says:

    The wine market in China remains strong with demand for quality wines on the increase even though a slight drop in volume from last year which is more of a correction from the huge growth over the past 5-10 years.
    Australian wines are well positioned for 2019 with the FTA now in force.

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