Top 10 new London restaurants to watch in 2019

Bob Bob Cité

Bob Bob Ricard in Soho is to get an edgy little sister, Bob Bob Cité, in the capital’s financial heart. The brainchild of Russian restaurateur Leonid Shutov, BBC will feature live fine wine auctions every half hour.

Housed in the Leadenhall Building, known as the ‘cheese grater’, the 180-cover venue will take over the third floor of the building and will mirror BBR’s booth format. In the “executive class” private dining room, guests have their own bar and private jet-style seating.

Wines that are auctioned off on the trading platform will start at cost price with diners given the chance to compete for them via display screens dotted around the restaurant. The house Champagne will be poured from methuselahs and Bob Bob Ricard’s popular ‘press for Champagne’ button will be present and correct.

But what of the food? Shutov has brought Raymond Blanc protégée Eric Chavot on board as head chef, which we’re very excited about – his steak tartare at the now defunct Brasserie Chavot in Mayfair was among the very best in town.

Initially due to open last January, Bob Bob Cité is one of the most long-awaited restaurants in recent memory. According to Bloomberg Shutov has already received “thousands” of reservation requests for the much-hyped new site.

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