Piers Morgan’s favourite vegan wines


Image: instagram.com/thepiersmorgan

Last but not least, this Krug, kindly being served by Sting, is entirely vegan-friendly.

In this throwback to 2001, on the BA Concorde flight to New York, Piers sipped on vintage Krug, in blissful ignorance of its vegan nature.

While it is unclear which vintage Piers is enjoying in this photo, all Krug is vegan.

3 Responses to “Piers Morgan’s favourite vegan wines”

  1. Julie Martineau says:

    Please stop giving this mediocre person a platform. Mr. Morgan touts misogyny, racism, and general contempt for anyone who does not think like him.
    We can do better than such “commentators”.

  2. Alex Hunt says:

    That aside, I think there is an important underlying message here – that vegan wine is not a new thing, or a specially created product for the vegan market, like vegan sausages or something. There seems to have been a rapid shift from the position a few years ago, when it was widely, if wrongly, assumed that all wine was inherently vegan, to the view that vegan wine is somehow a category apart. It isn’t.

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