Brewhouse & Kitchen makes its beer vegan

The chain has announced that all its beers at one of its pubs will be suitable for vegans.

Image: Brewhouse & Kitchen

Just in time for Veganuary, Brewhouse & Kitchen has announced that it will be making all its beers at its pub in Horsham, West Sussex, suitable for vegans, as reported by the Morning Advertiser.

It might be surprising to hear that many beers aren’t vegan. However, due to the use of isinglass in the production process, beer generally isn’t okay for those who avoid all animal products.

With veganism becoming increasingly popular, it is no surprise that pubs are realising the importance of introducing vegan food and drink options, if they want to attract what is a growing audience.

Kris Gumbrell, the chain’s co-founder, told the Morning Advertiser: “Our message has always been one of inclusion and we pride ourselves on making all feel welcome.

“While we aren’t a vegan specialist brewpub, we believe good beer should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of your dietary requirements.

“In order to open up the wonderful world of craft beer to more [people], the natural step was to ensure our beers were all made vegan-friendly.

“It was a challenge ensuring the great taste of Brewhouse & Kitchen’s beers remained just as good as ever, but [with] our commitment to ensuring everyone is welcome in our sites, it was a challenge we were determined to overcome.”

In January last year, London got its first vegan pub, courtesy of the Spread Eagle. Since then, many pubs have boosted their vegetarian and vegan credentials by increasing the number of vegan wines and beers they stock, and by improving their menus to indicate the drinks available for those with dietary requirements.

In June, pub chain Greene King launched a vegan menu, while over half of the wine served at Fuller’s pubs is vegan. Shoreditch brewpub Long Arm even made a millennial-friendly vegan avocado beer last year.

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