Six extravagant boozy Christmas gifts for the person who has everything

(Photo: Piper Heidsieck)

Piper-Heidsieck has released two special editions of its Rare Champagne brand. Called Rare Le Secret High Jewellery and Rare Le Secret Goldsmiths, both bottles, which are available exclusively at Harrods, were designed in collaboration with French jewellery house Mellerio. Only three High Jewellery bottles are on sale in Harrods, each fastened with a piece of jewellery “inspired by the bows that adorned Marie-Antoinette’s lavish gowns”.

The gold band that wraps around the neck of the bottle comes set with 510 diamonds, and a centrepiece of one of four precious stones (ruby, sapphire or emerald – a diamond version was sold in advance in France).

The Rare Le Secret High Jewellery – in sapphire, ruby, and emerald – is priced at £115,000 per bottle, while the Goldsmith version comes in at a more affordable £1,150.

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