World Bulk Wine Exhibition goes to China for an ‘unprecedented’ edition

World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) has announced that China’s Yantai in eastern Shandong province will host an “unprecedented” edition next year, as the country’s bulk wine imports continue to register double-digit growth.

Yantai, 740 kilometers south of Beijing, is known as the China’s most important port of entry for bulk wine. According to government figures, 82% of the bulk wine that enters China each year does so via the province of Shandong, and 96% via the port of Yantai, making it the trading and production hub for bulk wine.

Yantai is a also a key wine producing region, serving as the home base for China’s oldest and biggest winery, Changyu Pioneers, and other small-scale wineries.

The two-day trade fair scheduled for 30-31 May, aims to serve as a platform to connect international wineries with companies from China and across Asia and also to boost a constantly growing industry, according to WBWE.

“China is right now the fifth wine importer worldwide and has the potential to become the top global bulk wine operator. Therefore, it has strategic importance for companies from across the world that would like to position and increase the possibilities of their bulk wines, liquors and private labels in one of the world’s most promising markets,” commented Wsana Woo, WBWE’s delegate for China.

Demand for bulk wines in the country continues to grow, especially when domestic wine production has seen a decline in recent years. Blending imported wine into Chinese wines is not uncommon. In 2017, the country imported 181 million litres of bulk wine worth about US$159 million, representing a 40.8% increase in value over the previous year, according to customs data, led by countries such as Spain, Chile and Australia.

“World Bulk Wine Exhibition China aims to become the commercial meeting point among international producers and Chinese importers who need to satisfy the increasingly huge demand for wine from Chinese consumers,” added Otilia Romero de Condés, CEO of the WBWE.

At the fair, a series of events including face-to-face meetings, talks and keynote lectures, and seminars on how to enhance business possibilities carried out by the country’s experts will be planned.

Sessions focused on revealing the required rules and limitations for brands, Designations of Origin and keys to market success are also on the event schedule.

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