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We need to talk about Brexit again.

At the time of writing, four cabinet ministers had already resigned as Theresa May was trying to push a draft Brexit deal through parliament, including Brexit secretary Dominic Raab. As you can see, it’s going really well.

If you need more time to get your head round the deal yourself, you’re not alone. Miles Beale, the chief executive of the WSTA, reiterated his calls for the government to crash out of the European Union without a solid contingency plan.

Beale said that from the outset, the WSTA has repeatedly said a “no deal” Brexit would have a catastrophic impact on its members.

“Despite the businesses we represent putting in place contingency measures, as best they can, a “no deal” Brexit presents a multitude of difficulties which are outside of their control,” he tweeted yesterday.

“We need more time to digest the proposed deal and we will be watching intently the passage of the Withdrawal Bill through Parliament.”

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