Champagne house Louis Roederer may release still wines

28th November, 2018 by Natalie Wang

Champagne house Louis Roederer could release still wines that it has made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as global warming may prompt more Champagne houses to produce still wines alongside fizz.

Louis Roederer’s cellar master, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, with a bottle of the newly released 2008 Cristal, which is praised by him, as the “Cristal of all Cristals”

This was revealed yesterday at a media lunch when the Champagne house president Frédéric Rouzaud and cellar master Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon presided over the release of highly-reviewed 2008 Cristal with its local importer Links Concept.

Asked by dbHK about the possibility of making still wines, both confirmed that it is a direction that the house is currently looking at.

This would be a new adventure for….

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