UFC announces ‘first-ever’ vodka partnership with Ukranian Nemiroff

Mixed martial arts organisation the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced its “first-ever” vodka partnership with Ukranian brand Nemiroff.

The multi-year partnership creates an altogether new sponsorship category within the UFC, meaning that branded presence inside the “octagon” — where the organisation stages its fights — at all official events.

“We’re excited that Nemiroff is joining us as UFC’s first-ever global Vodka partner,” said Paul Asencio, senior VP of global partnerships at UFC Senior Vice President.

“The alcohol and spirits categories continue to be an important component of our sponsorship business, and Nemiroff’s global popularity will help us grow UFC’s brand and the sport of MMA around the world.”

Additional partnership activations will include the integration of Nemiroff branding throughout UFC’s telecasts, as well as sampling, digital media, and other promotional opportunities, giving Nemiroff exposure to potentially more than 1 billion consumers in over 160 countries.

“We’re really pleased to establish a partnership with UFC worldwide,” said Yuriy Sorochynskiy, Nemiroff’s chief executive. “The vision and values of UFC are highly relevant and parallel with Nemiroff’s brand DNA. By establishing Nemiroff as UFC’s Official Vodka Partner, we can align brand strategy and reach a wider market.”

Nemiroff is the biggest vodka exporter in Ukraine, shipping US$30 million-worth of vodka outside the country in 2014, according to official data provided by the State Fiscal Service, the Customs Service and other government offices.

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