Nemiroff tops list of Ukranian vodka exporters

Nemiroff is the biggest vodka exporter in Ukraine, shipping US$30 million-worth of vodka outside the country last year, official figures have shown.

nemiroffinsideAround half of all vodka exported out of Ukraine is Nemiroff, the company said in a statement, citing government stats.

The findings are based on official data provided by the State Fiscal Service, the Customs Service and other government offices.

Commenting on the export figures, Nemiroff CEO Yurii Sorochinskii said: “Over the years, we have significantly expanded the geography of our presence, have gained success and recognition of the world, and today every second bottle of vodka exported from Ukraine is Nemiroff.”

He also said that the company is targeting expansion into new markets and also growing its product range.

The export stats come after Nemiroff announced a 16% increase in sales in its latest financial results.

The growth comes despite the difficult economic situation in Ukraine, the fierce competition in foreign markets and the devaluation of national currencies, the company said.

Sergey Dobrovolskiy, sales director at Nemiroff, said: “We have achieved these impressive results due to the expansion of export geography and product range.

“In 2015 we opened five new sales markets on different continents. In addition, we have strengthened our position in some markets by signing additional contracts with new distributors.

“We have adapted taste palettes for several new markets, bringing the taste more in line with traditional taste for their residents.”

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