The Global Beer Competition: Meet the judges

Joe Bevan, Institute of Brewing & Distilling

Bevan is an Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) qualified Diploma Brewer. He has previously worked as lead brewer and is currently a technical officer at the IBD. He has a passion for beer recipe development and sustainable brewing practices. In 2009, Bevan was awarded a BAFTA for a short film written and directed by him. 

When did you first get into beer?

Pulling pints at the Peoples Park Tavern (Laines Brewing Company). I asked the brewer Henry (Now at Fullers) whether I could shadow him when brewing – we mashed in and the warm malty smell streaming from the mash changed my life.

Which brew sparked your love of beer?

When working as an assistant brewer at London Fields Brewery – the product development manager – Tom Palmer (now co-founder & head brewer at Mondo Brewing Company) would produce experimental beers on a home-brew pilot kit. The diverse beers coming from the homebrew set-up expanded my horizons in terms of what beer could be (this was early on during the craft boom in London).

What would you be as a beer?

Something that ticks over all day long – a lawnmower beer.  A Patersbier or Kolsch.

What is your favourite hop variety and why?

Saaz – protected by the EU and defines a style (Czech Pilsner) – no other hop does I’d argue.

Who is your inspiration in the beer world?

Benedict Orchard at Adnams.

Where are you happiest?

In Pilzens Urquell’s cellar drinking unpasteurised and unfiltered pilsner conditioned in wooden barrels.

What is your greatest vice?

Mahrs Braus’ zwickelbier on draft

What are the best and worst things about the beer industry?

Best: Passionate and skilled people dedicated to growing the industry.

Worst: Bad mouthing another brewers beer to promote your own. An argument Professor Charlie Bamforth reiterates whenever possible.

What is your proudest achievement in beer?

Teaching the drinking public something new about the beer category.

What is your ultimate beer and food pairing?

Marzen (stein of) and schweinshaxe (pork knuckle).

If you weren’t working in beer, what would you be doing?

Writing films.

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