Botham’s English fizz will cost £45 a bottle

30th August, 2018 by Geoffrey Dean

Having recently launched a range of Australian wines in the UK, Sir Ian Botham has revealed ambitious plans for an English sparkling wine priced at £45 a bottle.

Ian Botham with Geoffrey Dean at Beefy’s Restaurant in the Hilton Ageas Bowl in Southampton

Speaking to the drinks business at Beefy’s Restaurant in the Hilton Ageas Bowl in Southampton on the eve of the fourth Test match between England and India, Botham said:

“I love English sparkling wine and would love to find a partner to work with us. We’re happy to talk to anyone as long as it might fall into the quality of the style we’re looking for.”

Botham’s business partner, former Accolade CEO Paul Schaafsma, who represents Botham’s wines via his distribution….

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3 Responses to “Botham’s English fizz will cost £45 a bottle”

  1. Dear Sir Ian,

    Please get in touch…

    Best wishes,

    Charles Simpson (Co-founder, Simpsons Wine Estate)

  2. Graham Sherwood says:

    Why would anybody producing so called “£45 a bottle quality” wine want to bury themselves under a Botham Brand.
    Yet another English Fizz overpricing charade going on I think!

  3. Peter says:

    This is the problem with a lot of UK celebrity wines – they are by normal everyday standards expensive, we don’t know them, we haven’t had a chance to try them so they are an unknown quantity. I personally would have a bottle of Louis Roederer NV at £32.50 a bottle as I like it & know exactly what to expect. I do not know what the Botham wine is like & unless I am somewhere that I can try a glass I am unlikely to experiment at £40 odd pounds a bottle.

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